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Britain is the world's fourth-largest economy, is recognized as an important financial center global. The United Kingdom not only has a very well-developed service sector (especially banking, insurance and business services), but also its tourism industry is important, every year more than 24 million tourists go there, it’s the sixth in the world. Besides strong economic activity, the culture of the United Kingdom is renowned for: plays are William. Shakespeare, music is the Beatles; thinkers are Bacon and John Locke. Britain's international reputation is also excellent, one of which is the most famous Royal National Theater.
Newsbook Limited (Newsbook Limited) knows that the United Kingdom is the finance, trade, tourism or one of the ideal place which the political activities of organizations of different cultures choose. In view of this, Newsbook introduced British companies’ domain name (. register services, two-year registration fee are only HK $336! In addition, Newsbook also have other domain names registered service, such general as. Hk or rare domain names are could be registered.
In addition, customers can choose the Newsbook web hosting service, a monthly fee only starting from HK $ 48. You will be able to enjoy fast and reliable network and stable high-performance servers in Newsbook. Your customers will be able to browse the website of your company smoothly with a good impression. This will help your company enhance a professional image and publicity, because of this, use the Newsbook services benefits in business development!
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