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A report by Pc Station (27 Oct 2006)  


Italy and Spain is well-known European countries, neighboring the Mediterranean, are a tourist destination. Besides the tourism industry developed, both are well-known manufacturers. Italian leather goods and Spain lighting design are excellence.

Newsbook (Newsbook Limited) introduced Italy and Spain domain name registration services, interested organizations engaged in related businesses will be able to register easily. it (the Italian name) or. Es (Spain domain name), which will use the network to promote their products and services. Newsbook Italy or Spain registered the domain name for two years, just HK$560, an application for an individual or a company.

In addition, the customer besides registered the domain name, also hosting their in Newsbook, services by a monthly fee just from HK $ 48. Through the real-time mirroring of Newsbook, broad peer-to-peer networks among Hong Kong, other country which nearby the Asia and the United States Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) data center, your customers can visit your web page in speed, helping your business development and publicity. Newsbook web storage services are stability, help your company establish a good image and give customers confidence. Newsbook business for many years, have excellent service experienced, to provide customers with comprehensive business Internet services, in terms of quality of service and attitude are constantly strive to enrich it is trustworthy.

Would you like to engage in business with Italy or Spain, first register a Newsbook Italian domain name (. It) or the Spanish domain name(. Es), then use Newsbook the web hosting space, give customer an informative, useful and reliable web site! (Tel: 27820197, website



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