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A report by Hkdaily Macou  (22 May 2008)  



For celebrating 10th anniversary and China Olympia year. Newsbook provide double special offer of Hong Kong server rental to celebrate the Olympic torch in Hong Kong has just successfully delivered. Newsbook’s server rental plans is popular by all clients in the field of Hong Kong Information Technology. The reasons they choose Newsbook is that Newsbook server are equipped with first-class hardware, data center which place servers has a first-rate security and safety measures to keep customers to manage server safety, Do not worry security, both in speed and stability Newsbook is good quality. And Newsbook has always Attended the market and new products emergence with sharply eyes, timely upgrade the server collocation and renew the plan of server rental, so that it can meet the needs of large and small customers to allow customers to better server rental. In addition, Newsbook has a first-class technical team, and help you to solve the management of server problems.
During the fitting of Server, the central processing unit(CPU) is extremely important components, it is the core of the whole server. Because all kind of the work have to rely on the CPU, such as all computing, control, logic treatment job. So the faster CPU, the higher efficiency of the server. And upgrading the CPU is very quick. Newsbook enhance the standard server rental plan again , improve the configuration of the CPU, provide the new plan:S18, S29, S38. Whereby customers can use the same price, the lease of more excellent server. The Plan of S18 which CPU upgraded to (Core 2 Duo dual-core) E8200, The plan of S29 which CPU upgrade to Core 2 (Core 2 Duo Core) E8400,The plan of S38 which CPU upgrade to Core 2 (four-core Core 2 Duo ) Q9300 and increase the hardware to 300G.At the same time, Newsbook free increase the capacity of hard disk to two 500G to the advanced rental service plan: (X22、X37、X56) according to the needs of clients. During the planned upgrade of the server, Although Newsbook increase in the server configuration, remained at the original price. So that customers can really benefit. All client have been installed the server with their needs, and then hosting at Newsbook, Only a monthly fee starting from HKD$480.
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