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Newsbook add a new domin Item for regester.

A report by Hkdaily   (26 June 2008)  



. ME domain name is the southern European country of Montenegro, who is open to the world of users of top-level domain registration in May this year, although the opening up of pre-registration service for nearly two months late, but nothing could hide from all kinds of area look forward to it .
". ME" officially registered the domain name will be opened to the world from July 17, 2008 23:00 Beijing time. Any person may be registered, first-served basis. This time the . ME pre-registration services are available only in English letters, digital, as well as the registration of a combination of both (a-z ,0-9, the - can not appear in the first place), registration in length of 3-63 characters, first time in registration deadline at least 2 years. Registration fees for HK $ 560 / 2 years.
In fact, . ME domain names which is the suffix in the English is very attractive to users. "This is a very interesting domain name, for example, you can register (believe me), (fans), (say you love me), (waitting for me) ... ... At the same time, ' ME 'in Chinese means' I', but also a symbol of people-oriented. For those who love the creative individuals, as well as some innovative enterprises,. ME domain names unconventional, make their deeply fascinating." one of the industry is talking on and on when he introduced the . ME domain name.
In addition, customers registrate domain name, moreover could storage Asian Domain Name in the Newsbook, services by a monthly fee from HK $ 48 on. Through real-timemirroring of Newsbook, broad peer-to-peer networks among Hong Kong, other country which nearby the Asia and the United States Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) data center, your customers can visit your web page in speed, helping your business development and publicity. Newsbook web storage services are stability,help your company establish a good image and give customers confidence. Newsbook business for many years, have excellent service experienced, to provide customers with comprehensive business Internet services, in terms of quality of service and attitude are constantly strive to enrich it is trustworthy.
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