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Newsbook show the vantage of multiple datacenter

A report by Economic Digest (28 Oct 2006)  


Newsbook Limited (Newsbook Limited) even rented server hosting plans have always been well received by all kinds of customers. As the industry leader in servers, Newsbook aware of the needs of customers in data centers such as the visit (speed, stability, transport, services, security est.), So Newsbook as far as possible to provide multiple data centers to meet the needs of different customers.

Newsbook data centers all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, Hong Kong Island Pacific's CPC, KDDI and Wan Chai Supernet, a new Kowloon and Kwun Tong iHenderson of the Supernet, New Territories, first line in Tsuen Wan and New World in Kwai Chung. Visit speed, it depend on the client used to visit where, some data centers connect to the United States ,Canada or Europe is better, while one of it connected to the mainland is faster. Now Newsbook add new T & T (Wharf) data center, after this, Newsbook has 10 data centers to meet the needs of different customers.

All data centers are designed for server customers, with constant temperature control, elevated platforms and other facilities activities. On the 7th week, 24-hour network, system and application monitoring, and completed network and server security. In addition, the back-up fiber cable, FM200 gas extinguishing systems, parallel uninterruptible power supply, clean environment, the operation of building systems is open to ensure effectiveness. Above, completely to ensure that the server of guests are able to function effectively, coupled with Newsbook professional management, help you to operate and manage many issues.

Newsbook renting the server hosting plans are equipped with high-quality hardware configuration server, the data center have a first-class security and safety measures, and the network is fast, stable, and customers can choose their own different plans, per month starting from HK$600. In addition, customers can also install their own server, and then hosting in Newsbook, a monthly fee starting from HK$400. Newsbook give preferential price to enjoy some of the Newsbook selective data center. It’s very value. If a customer is unsatisfactory after has selected the data center, Newsbook also allow customers transfer to other data centers!

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