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Newsbook interest in purchase the same trade for extend their busines

A report by CPU (7 Nov 2008)  



Newsbook Limited intends to keep with the acquisition of network for the expansion of the business
Newsbook Limited was established in 1998 and has been 10 years, the rapid growth of customers have been million so far. Newsbook Limited broadband and the quality is the best ISP in Hong Kong web hosting providers. Nowadays, it has been developed into the top five suppliers of the commercial Internet in Hong Kong. First-class network equipment, good experienced staff of network technology, flexible attitude and excellent customer service to deal with the consultancy services, which are factors in the success of Newswood Limited.
In order to expand business and meet the needs of market competition, Newsbook Limited intends to take over Hong Kong web hosting industry for more users to provide better network services. If your company intends to close down or sell the Company to grant, please call or e-mail to negotiate.
Newsbook Limited provides a full range of Internet services, the mission of our services is to provide first-class community of online services, we are confident that with our improved technology, broadband and equipment, coupled with the rich experience accumulated over this years, it will able to meet the needs of different companies to provide clients with quality services and the economic service.
Newsbook Limited is convinced that the acquisition is not only give a chance to which intend to close down or sold in the same industry or even financial support, but also for users with the industry's confidence and guarantee quality service.
Newsbook Limited has been holding a "customer first" spirit of service, we believe that it will benefit in both of the acquisition of the web hosting industry, and their users. On the one hand, with business can be transferred to a reliable and trustworthy company, on the other hand, users with the industry can continue to enjoy high-quality network services.
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