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Newsbook new domain, .tel can be apply now 

A report by CPU  (12 Dec 2008)  



Newsbook new add the [. Tel] domain name application
. tel extension of a brand new domain name, you just need to touch it, it will be able to quickly connect to your customers and friends, to retrieve your needed data.
With the development of science and technology, the widespread application of smart phones, especially the recently launched iphone mobile phone, in order to meet the needs of the majority of users, Newsbook new. Tel domain name applications will be to start its sunrise period application procedures on December 3, 2008. .tel will give customers a very fast visual experience, the safe storage of your address, e-mail, multiple telephone numbers, blog, your location and so on. You can touch the phone or computer anytime, anywhere to release, storage, update and manage all of your contact information, without the need for the establishment, management and hosting a website.
. tel security model and flexible data-level is ideal for company needs,. tel could online release their contact information and keywords to increase their search engine, the easy to guide customers directly to the need of search, even personal contact information. Privacy settings also can restrict access to information, to deal with the ideal and strategic partners, or create and maintain the employee directories for internal use.
For an individual,. Tel is easy to remember, easy-to- manage. Since information is automatically refreshed, it will never become out-of-date. The. TEL helps individuals get in touch and stay in touch, no matter how often friends move, change jobs or change their telephone numbers. .tel can help individuals achieve Contact and keep in touch. . tel is a security gateway, for some information you can set up unauthorized access. If you have private information, you don’t want anyone to see that only authorized users can access it, then please apply for a. Tel domain name, you will have the ability to turn it into private ownership.
All holders of May 30, 2008 trademark registration issued by the company and its authorized users may be in the sunrise period, with the trade mark application for the domain name. Trademarks must be May 30, 2008 or before the application, and in the application for registration. .Tel domain name has already successfully registered. All in the sunrise registration period to register domain names must have at least three years. All .Tel domain names are registered first-served basis. As a name has more than one application, the earliest documents and returned the application are through the review process for final decision.
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