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Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark, these three countries are located in west northern in Europe. The North Sea, are world-renowned tourist attraction. Besides the tourism industry developed, these three countries are important origin country of NATO and the Member States of EU, Brussels is the capital of Belgium where is the location of more than 900 important institutions, including NATO and Europe AU , naming "Europe capital" . The Netherlands has a large number of the world's top 500 enterprises. Three countries have a high-tech industry, lenient government welfare system, and comfortable standard of living, a stable currency and a high degree of reliance on international trade. Thus, business, tourism or cultural organizations, policy activities, these three countries is an important area worthy of consideration.

Newsbook (Newsbook Limited) in view of this, those who engage in trade with these three countries and companies through the Internet. To carry out a variety of cultural exchanges, specially launched these three countries domain name registration services, apply for a new domain name in Belgium [. be], two years registration fee is HK $336. Netherlands domain [. nl], two years registration fee is HK $256, Denmark domain [. dk].two years registration fee is HK$560.

In addition, Newsbook provides a variety of domain name registration services, including international domain names (. Com,. Net,. Org,. Info,. Biz), the Hong Kong domain(.,.,. ,. edu,. hk,., Chinese name. hk), other areas of the domain name, such as: Macau company name (., Taiwan domain name (. tw), Italy domain name (. it), Spain domain names (. es), the British company domain name (., etc., the EU domain name (. eu), to meet your different needs. Besides a professional domain name, perhaps you may need a professional, attractive, could be smoothly browsed web pages, Newsbook can help you! Newsbook has professional staffs in design, providing design services of easier access to Web page, to meet the product sales better, attracting the attention of customers.

In addition, the customer not only could register domain name, but also storage domain name in the Newsbook, a monthly fee start from HK $ 48. Through the Newsbook real-time mirroring, the vast peer-to-peer networks in Hong Kong, adjacent to the data center of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in the other areas of Asia and the United States, your customers can browse the web page in speed, helping your business development and publicity. Because Newsbook network stability, your company can establish a good image and give customers confidence in full. Newsbook business for many years, have excellent experienced in service, providing customers with comprehensive business Internet services, in terms of quality and attitude of service are constantly strive to enrich it is trustworthy.

Would like to have business with Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark, first to Newsbook registered a Belgium domain name [. Be], the Netherlands domain name[. Nl], the Denmark domain name [. Dk]. And then use the web hosting space in Newsbook, Give customer an informative, useful and reliable Web site (Tel: 852 - 2782019, website



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