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Newsbook upgrade the plan of Server-Rental-with-Co-location

A report by HKdaily (16 March 06)  



More than one billion populations in China, the big market attracted a lot of large companies in mainland China to develop their business. Many companies start to build more websites in China. Server hosting in China, data center and internal network immediately with the transmission of web pages and applications are more quickly, which is the page for the domestic market and application in a very important role. Relatively of Internal degrees has more freedom, and it’s a larger development space. Newsbook understand the needs of customer specifically make a major innovation in the Chinese server hosting service plans, upgrade configuration, lower prices.
China's new server rental hosting services have six different configuration options for the client: Server 1 plan - P4 630 3.0GHz CPU, 1.0GB RAM, 120GB HDD, a monthly fee HK $ 1200; Server 2 plan - P4 640 3.2GHz CPU , 1.0GB RAM, 160GB HDD, a monthly fee HK $ 1380; Server 3 plan - P4D 820 (Dual Core), 2.0GB RAM, 160GB HDD, a monthly fee HK $ 1680; Server 4 program - P4D 930 (Dual Core), 2.0 GB RAM, 200GB HDD, a monthly fee HK $ 1880; Server 5 program - Dual Xeon 3.2G, 4.0GB RAM, 36GB HDD X 2, a monthly fee HK $ 2380; Server 6 plans - Dual Xeon 3.4G, 4.0GB RAM, 73GB HDD X 2, a monthly fee HK $ 2680 (services above that need to be pre-paid for one year). Configuration of the original plan is upgrade, the price is lower. It will be extremely Value!
If you want to bring your own machine in hosting also can chooses shelves server hosting services in China, only a monthly fee from HK $ 600. Newsbook has comprehensive services and reasonably priced. We will be able to meet your requirements, apply for it immediately!
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