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A report by Pc Family (6 April)  



With the popularization of computers, today's networks have become very common. Customers now get the information through the web page and website promotion is a very common, therefore a large-capacity networks and support keep high capacity network to store the company is very important. Believe that is your best choice that newsbook to support the network plan! And newsbook understand the needs of customers with special services for the plan to upgrade again, increase the volume will not increase the price, it’s considerate for users.
Now application of the Newsbook 48 plan, network traffic from 1GB per month up to 2GB; 68 plan, network traffic from 3GB up to5GB per month; 88 plan, network traffic from 5GB up to 8GB per month; 150 plan, network traffic from 10GB up to 15GB per month; 300 plan, network traffic from 20GB up to 30GB per month; 480 plan, network traffic from 30GB up to 50GB per month; 680 plan, network traffic from 50GB up to 80GB per month. Most plans limit the flow to increase more than 1.5 times, it is very value!
Greatly the amount enhanced to access services have been kept, including the management and maintenance, customer could use newsbook service in a convenient and high-speed network stability environment. Besides the Linux platform, Newsbook provides services for Window platform, plans were 88NT, 150NT, 480NT and 680NT, this platform is also planned to upgrade the traffic limit per month.
Newsbook business for many years, with experience in senior services, providing customers with comprehensive business Internet services, to improve the quality of service and attitude strive to enrich it is trustworthy. And the application procedure is very simple. If you are interested in my plans which are right for you, immediately apply for it!
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