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Server Management & Hosting

Scalable High-Performance Server Hosting

Complete solutions for mission-critical Web sites and applications

Superior, high-speed delivery of mission-critical Internet applications our_facilites0.jpg (14609 bytes)

Direct access to HKIX, NetPlus and Uunet

Network, Facility, and Security personnel

Proactive 24 X 7 monitoring system

Unparalleled technical expertise

Faster Web page and application delivery via integration of the data centre with local and international backbones
100 Mbps @ Newsbook Server Hosting alleviates the burden of operating and maintaining your Web presence, so you can focus on meeting your business goals. Newsbook Server Hosting supports your most dynamic Web applications with fast, reliable site response times, plus the best customer service staff in the industry. Each hosting solution can fully scale to meet your ever-growing bandwidth requirements.
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